annie greta (EN)

although i´m a native german speaker, english feels like a second home.
some thoughts & feelings just want to be birthed & expressed through this language.
and i choose to let my ortography be this wild mixture of both.

the 2nd edition of two fluffy clouds & one wish left is out now.
it´s inspired by a chance ecounter on my Scotland trip in the Summer of 2019.
how we can (and should) feel with and about each other – a mixture of platonic and gentle erotic feelings and thoughts.

over the coming months i want to translate my newest work (15 short stories, 6 fairy tales as metaphors for different topics of self-actualization). first and foremost to do something new and study this language in another way.

there´s also another poetry book on the horizon: poems inspired by verses of songs that blow my mind every time i hear them.

if you have any questions or just want to write me something, feel free to do so.

thank you so much for your support in whatever way! 🙂